Sleeping trillion-level points market, ECPC points ecological platform technology empowers new areas

Sep 26, 2020

In the era of efficient and developed mobile internet, e-commerce platforms, operators, banks and other companies with a large number of members have been at the forefront of seeking technological transformation. Among them, as an important way to cultivate customer loyalty, points are widely used in industry service feedback.
From the public data, it can be seen that from ordinary supermarkets to large banks, operators, airlines, etc., all point malls are used for user operations. Telecom operators generally take 3% of their turnover as a reward point; the aviation industry’s reward point ratio is also as high as 8%-10%; bank credit cards also have 1‰-2‰. A rough estimate of the scale of the points market will add up to trillions of dollars every year.
Such a huge points market is still in a low-key state of "undiscovered". Since the points are in their respective platforms and systems, and because of market pain points such as the scattered sources of points, separate data, high exchange thresholds, and low user participation, it is difficult to make users willing to use points one by one.
The ECPC point ecological platform is an indomitable wolf that awakens this dormant market. ECPC points ecological platform is a new integrated consumption solution of points, founding by the world’s leading international financial investment company Global Value Venture Investment Co., Limited. It is based on the current status of the points market when it develops its own public chain: ECPC traceable chain. By establishing an integrated consumption system for ECPC points, using ECPC tokens as a guarantee of points value, opening up the points platform and points usage scenarios upstream and downstream of the point system, so that the points scattered in all corners are concentrated, and a new way of using points is given. Realize the point "when money is spent".

By creating a decentralized application platform (DApp), the ECPC points ecological platform will use smart APIs to connect to a large number of points malls to achieve "one APP exchange", allowing users to easily manage various points. In terms of upstream point resources, the ECPC point ecological platform will expand its cooperation with major point sources to provide circulation services for the points market of more than 15,000+ billion yuan each year, while also bringing additional huge traffic and sales to merchants. In addition, the ECPC points ecological platform will introduce the DFG game platform as a development paradigm, create an ecosystem that integrates the development of the game platform, and add more vitality to the richness of the ECPC ecology.
In the ECPC point ecological platform, the company will improve the corresponding ecosystem, divert the flow of cooperative e-commerce platforms, and create huge traffic entrances; and the e-commerce platform will pay 5% of the turnover as a traceability technical service fee and invest in ECPC to create value for ECPC . The company will use 5% of the payment on the e-commerce platform to digest the large amount of accumulated points in the online mall and form a good business ecological cycle.
As an innovative technology service platform, the ECPC point ecological platform realizes multi-platform interconnection through technological empowerment, which not only solves the pain points and difficulties of the traditional points market, but also creates new value, revitalizes idle assets, and brings surprises to users in the future. It will also create more value and continue to bring more value contributions to the industry!


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