A Meeting between Al Badie Group and over 20 Major Italian Corporations

The Emirati company, Al Badie Group, shares a meeting table with the representatives of various leading Italian companies in a meeting hosted by the Arab-Italian Chamber of Commerce in the city of Rome.

Rome, Italy, 26/04/2019 – On the prospects of providing a suitable formula of collaboration and cooperation that carry mutual benefits for investors in Italy, the Gulf Area Countries and the United Arab Emirates, a meeting was held between Al Badie Group, the Emirati business leader, and over 20 major Italian companies. The firms present at the conference were prominent names in the markets both inside and outside of Italy with an impressive record of multiplying profit and skillfully navigating the currents of global economic volatility in various domains and industries.

The meeting’s main discussion points included delivering the message of Mr. Khaled Al Badie, the group’s CEO & vice president, of how important overseas business partnerships are to Al Badie Group and its management as this is “…a great way to explore new investment horizons and exchange expertise with knowledgeable parties from all corners of the world”, as Mr. Al Badie put it when commenting on the event. The group’s meeting members made tremendous efforts to draw attention to GCC market potential and investment opportunities and to demonstrate the area’s wide range of trade capabilities with foreign parties.

The group’s management’s expressed total satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting and praised the representatives’ performance for properly delivering the management’s vision and enthusiasm for augmenting mutual business relations with Italy by introducing the participating firms ideas of possible plans in a wide range of domains that are of interest for European investors and hold great promise for the UAE economy and its corporate body while showcasing Al Badie Group’s expertise in each of these domains.

The group aspires that the talking points discussed in this conference will be the seed of bigger agreements to come as a result of Al Badie Group’s Italian promotional tour. Various next steps are included in the schedule that will focus on related meetings and taking efforts to cause Al Badie Group to adapt to this new elevation of standards in order to work fluently with any party that will be involved in these new anticipated ventures.

About Mr. Khaled Al Badie:

Khaled Mohammed Bin Juan AL Badie, CEO & vice president of Al Badie Group of companies, he is a 51% shareholder of UniTeam on behalf of Al Badie Group.

For more information, please visit https://www.pinterest.com/khalid_albadie

Media Contact: 

Mr. Khaled Al Badie


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